Teachers past & present

Rifq Sarao

The founder and creator of Yoga Dog. Rifq's journey in yoga began way back when she was 10 years old, but it was only until she was nearly bed ridden in 2007 that she discovered the power of yoga. She believes that anyone can and should do yoga. She is a certified teacher from the Sivananda School of Yoga and has trained with Rolf & Marci Naujakat and Deepika Mehta in the Ashtanga asana practice.


Gilroy Mathias D'Costa

In a leap of faith off the corporate ladder, Gilroy got Introduced to yoga at the outset of his quest for spirituality. Passionate in assisting 'breakthroughs’ with life’s journeys, he's trained in various healing modalities over the last decade and a half. A Master's degree in Yoga Therapy helped him realise consciousness development as the key to creating a yogic lifestyle. “Just as my gurus help me bridge the gaps on and off the mat, it's my mission to do the same”. Participate to integrate your well-being with the bliss of the divine. OM Shanti..

Catherine Lucy King

From a very young age, Catherine was a keen gymnast, so it was no surprise when, in 2002, she gravitated towards practising and teaching a form of fitness yoga and Pilates. In 2007, she came to India to explore her spirituality and learn the disciplines of Ashtanga yoga. Catherine returned to the UK in 2008 to deepen her knowledge of the body through the study of biomechanics, manual therapy and massage. After a serious spinal injury in 2012, Catherine’s focus on yoga became much more holistic and healing. It was during this time that she really began to shine as a teacher who brought healing and transformation into the lives of those that came into contact with her unique blend of yoga, Pilates and biomechanics. 


Gyan believes that Yoga and Massage can improve health, fitness and relaxation to find steadiness and ease in life. He offers a unique led hatha yoga practice, which will focus on postural alignment, breath and stability in asana through a playful, flowing class that is open to all levels. 


Keya Ann D'Souza

Outside of teaching pilates, which she does with great passion, Keya is also a trained jazz dancer who performed for 10 years before graduating from the prestigious Attakkalari Centre for Moving Arts in Bangalore in 2009. At Attakkalari she added Kalaripayattu, Bharatanatyam, Yoga and contemporary and modern techniques of movement to her teaching vocabulary. 

Tonia Clark

Tonia has been practicing asana since 2001 and teaching Yoga since 2004. Known for her passion, clarity and creativity, Tonia's teaching style is a dynamic and challenging blend of inspiration, hard work and humor. Tonia's ability to combine and transmit the unique contributions of various yoga methods is exceptional. She believes that a yoga practice can help anyone access inner wisdom, genuine spirituality and clarity to find their own self expression.

Inna Costantini

Inna is usually based in London where she teaches, writes and cycles around the city. With a background in media and anthropology, she soon decided to trade her desk for a yoga mat, and embark on an intensive training course at Brahmani Yoga in 2008; that was followed by trips to Mysore and a level 1 Authorisation by the KPJAYI. Inna loves helping and watching students develop. She believes yoga is a lifelong learning process and that a dedicated, regular, yet fun practice can only bring forth increased energy and happiness.

Anouk Petzoldt Aoun

The first guest teacher to ever have taught at Yoga Dog, Anouk brings to her practice a deeper and spiritual aspect of yoga that the modern world of yoga seems to have lost. Through the philosophy of yoga and working with the breath, Anouk opens up the magic and wonder of the traditions of an age old form of yoga that the masters of yesteryear left behind for us. She completed her teacher's training in 2009 and continues to assist and teach at the Brahmani Yoga Teacher Trainings in Goa.

Dhan Chitnis

Dhan loves yoga for the “Lightness it brings to one and all…a lightness of being, a lightness of mind and thought, a lightness of emotions…an overall well balanced attitude of lightness in how we manage the complexities of life”. It was this philosophy of yoga that attracted her to teach and help encourage people to realize their highest potential. Dhan has trained at the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute in Lonavla, Param Yoga in Pune and Yoga Spaace, Goa.

Maya Rao

If it wasn’t for Maya, Yoga Dog may never have come into being. One of the first few Indians to be given Sri Pattabi Jois’ blessings to teach the Ashtanga style of yoga, Maya brings to her practice a strong sense of sincerity. She believes that a holistic approach to yoga offers the chance of self transformation and a deeper understanding of the duality of life.

Aurelie Bressiere

Aurélie has been practicing Iyengar yoga since 2011 alternatively in France and in India. She soon fell in love with what yogacharya BKS Iyengar used to define as "an art, a science and a philosophy". In 2013 she paused her career as a research scientist and deepened her yoga practice. She now likes to share her understanding of the principles of alignment of muscles, bones, joints that go along with an "alignment" of the mind. She encourages yoga practitioners to cultivate an active body and a quiet mind to involve themselves fully and with intelligence in asanas as well as in daily life.

Gabriella Pascoli

Gabriella is one of the most senior Ashtanga yoga teachers in India. She lived and trained with Sri Pattabhi Jois from 1996-2001. In 1998, she was authorized to teach the Ashtanga yoga practice. Since then she has spent her time teaching around the world, collecting a huge following of students, who flock to Goa from different corners of the world. She brings to her class an equal measure of softness and sternness, with a jolly smile on her face.

Nilaya (Jennie) Wadsten


Jennie is the superwoman force that manages Brahmani Yoga in Goa with a smile that makes even the hardest days of practice so much easier. She believes that "there are many truths in yoga" and uses the core principles of alignment and bio mechanics to guide students through a safe asana practice while leaving enough room for individual explorations into the body and mind. She is trained in Ashtanga vinyasa, Vinsaya flow, Anusara yoga, Yin yoga, Anatomy and Ayurvedic massage to name a few.

Victoria Bourke

Victoria has been practicing yoga since 2008. She completed her yoga teacher training with Bharath Shetty at the Ananda Yoga India Institute in Mysore and has been teaching the traditional, more gentle style of Hatha Yoga since. As a Djembe percussionist and Thai Yoga massage therapist, she says; 'In my experience the body is a temple and the mind a tool. If the temple is peaceful and strong then the mind is quiet and obedient.When the soul is awakened, physical space is transfigured, In this soul-space there is no distance'.

Ashok Monamcav Dayanand

If there's one thing that Ashok is passionate and dedicated to, it is the practice of yoga. Leaving the world of advertising behind in Amsterdam, Ashok has travelled across India and the world, learning, practising, teaching and assisting all things yoga related. He currently teaches the traditional Hatha Style of yoga as taught to him at the Bihar School of Yoga. 

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